On Time. Every Time!


Daytona Sportswear is a well oiled machine, and that is because of our talented team. Some you may have met if you have stopped by before, and perhaps some have remained ellusive as a part of our more behind the scenes team. So who are those people who make the impossible possible? That team that constantly gives a 110% so we can to make your printing, embroidery, or general experience the easiest, the friendliest, most cost effective, and best quality it can be? None other than...

Jeff - Owner, Operator and Chief Bottle-Washer

The man responsible for the glorious operation that IS Daytona Sportswear.

Huckleberry - Best Mascot this side of the Mississippi

If you have a concern... the Huck... stops here.

Renee - Sales and Apparel Expert

If you are looking for a reason to visit our showroom, our professional sales staff is it.

Dawn - Embroidery Guru

Weaving fine art into anything she can get her hands on... and meanwhile keeping the rest of the office in stitches.

Jamie - Illustrator and Graphic Artist Extraordinaire #1

When you need fantastic art... #1 Makes it so.

Chris - Illustrator and Graphic Artist Extraordinaire #2

When the need for fantastic art increases... #2 Swoops in to save the day.

Kevin - Illustrator and Graphic Artist Extraordinaire #3

When the need for fantastic art increases yet more, and you need a VW Bus full of talent, #3 has you covered.

Brad - Printer, Pressman, Screen Printer, Man on the Press, Presser Extrodinaire... (You get the idea)

Brad is truly the muscle behind the print team. His lengthy experience and wealth of knolwedge means when he is on press... you know you're getting the best!

Ryan - Screen Printer Protégé

A fantastic screen printer in training. Quality work is always achieved when you have this kind of talent on the team.